Employent and Positions Held

Rector of the Parish of Renforth – St. James the Less Church 1998- Present
Rector of the Parish of Musquash – Trinity, St. Margarets Churches 1991- 1998


Board member/Chairman of Alpha Ministries Canada – (2006- Present)                            Board Member Wycliffe Bible Translators Canada 2012 – Present)                      Board Member Equipping Evangelists – (2005 – 2012)

Harbour master and executive member Renforth Boat Club – (Present)
President Renforth Fencing Club – (Present)
President Renforth Hosting – (Present)
Secretary Saint John Ministerial Association (Present)

Chairman of March for Jesus Canada – (Past)
Chairman of Greater Saint John Ministerial -(Past)
Founder and Chair of Prayer over the City – (Past)

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