1. Something to Study

In many churches there is a lectionary that helps us determine what scriptures are to be read each week.    They are folded together in a group that includes an old testement lesson, a psalm, a reading from the new testement and a gospel lesson.   This is a human made construct and we do need to be careful not to think that this pattern has any biblical authority in itself.   It would be dangerous to think that we must draw our interpretation from a series of readings that are presented to us.   When we do bible study we need to focus on one particualr piece of scripture and make our interpretation and application.    

That being said it is important to have a read through the lections for the day and see if there is a common theme (there is!) and then when we choose the bit of scripture that we are going to study we have a bit of a clue about what it is saying.

There are many ways that we can approach an inductive study with regard to quantity as well.    We can focus down on one paragraph or one parable, or we can do a whole "Chapter"at a time.